The Company

Where We Are

Lusomintex is a company located in Barcelos, the heart of Portugal in the industry of circular fabric, which dedicates itself to the development and production of all types of clothing mainly produced with this type of raw material.

Who We Are

Since its creation in 2009, the company has grown sustainably, not only its volume of sales but also its operating results and so it has been assigned the reward of SMES PRIME in 2013 and more recently the Award of Excellence in SMES.


What We Do


Our products are based on knitted fabric and woven on their different compositions.
From these products, we produce clothing that can be enriched with all sorts of prints, embroideries, transfers, garment wash or garment dyeing.

Quality Control

We have experts who control all stages of the production process from the manufacture of the fabric until the dispatch of the goods, guaranteeing the compliance of the product and the strict observance of delivery dates agreed with customers.

Mission and Values

Environmental Policy

Lusomintex, Lda publicly assumes the commitment to develop its action in in order to integrate the Environmental Management in the global management of the Company, assuming eco-efficiency as a management reference.
To keep up with environmental legislation and regulations, seeking to prepare in advance for the application of new legal requirements.
To continuously improve the environmental performance of its activities, seeking to prevent and reduce environmental impacts.To use rationally and efficiently natural resources and energy.
To minimize the production of waste, and favor the recovery of generated waste. To influence suppliers of products and services to assume environmentally responsible behavior and practices.
To raise awareness and train all employees, reinforcing environmental awareness and competence, individual and collective.

Code of Conduct

The job will be chosen freely;
Freedom of association and the right to collective negotiations will be respected;
The working conditions should be followed;
Child labor should not be used;
Decent wages will be paid;
Working hours will not be excessive;
There will be no discrimination;
Regular work will be provided;
Inhumane and severe treatment will not be allowed.


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    Rua da Industria 1, Nº11 4755-418 Pousa – Barcelos

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    253 919 929

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    253 919 400

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